NoVerbSimple PastPast ParticipleExample
1to bewerebeenWhere were you?
2HavehadhadI had a busy morning.
3to dodiddoneI have already done it.
4SaysaidsaidHe said he wasn't coming in to work today.
5to gowentgoneHe has already gone home.
6to getgotgot/gottenDid you get my message?
7MakemademadeI will make a cake this afternoon.
8to knowknewknownHave you known each other long?
9to thinkthoughtthoughtI thought about it all night.
10TaketooktakenI have taken some
11to seesawseenDid you see that?
12to comecamecomeEvery weekend my parents come
13to wantwentwantedI wanted to buy one, too.
14to useusedusedI used it only once.
15to findfoundfoundI found this watch outside.
16to givegavegivenI gave it to you yesterday.
17to telltoldtoldI told you not to do it.
18to workworkedworkedI work six days a week.
19to callcalledcalledI will call you tonight.
20to trytriedtriedI have tired to talk to him, but he is still very upset.
21to askaskedaskedI asked my boss for some time off.
22to needneededneededI need some help.
23to feelfeltfeltI feel sick.
24to becomebecamebecomeHe has become an intelligent and responsible young man.
25to leaveleftleftI will leave at three o'clock.
26to putputputPut it here.
27to meanmeantmeantI meant what I said.
28to keepkeptkeptI will keep it safe.
29to letletletLet me in.
30to beginbeganbegunWe began he meeting
31to seemseemedseemedHe seemed angry.
32to helphelpedhelpedI have already help you with this.
33to showshowedshowedShow it tome.
34to hearheardheardI have heard that piece of music before.
35to playplayedplayedWe played with the kids all afternoon.
36to runranrunI ran for 10 kilometres this morning.
37to movemovedmovedMove it over there.
38to livelivedlivedI live in Japan for 10 years.
39to believebelievedbelievedI believe you.
40to bringbroughtbroughtI brought my own helmet.
41to happenhappenedhappenedWhat happened to everyone?
42to writewrotewrittenMozart wrote many pieces of music in his short life.
43to sitsatsatDon't sit on that chair.
44to standstoodstoodHe stood over there for about an hour.
45to loselostlostI have lost thousands of dollars to gambling.
46to paypaidpaidI have already paid.
47to meetmetmetHave we met before?
48to includeincludedincludedIs tax included?
49to continuecontinuedcontinuedWe will continue this conversation tomorrow.
50to setsetsetI will set the table.
51to learnlearnt/learnedlearnt/leanedDo you want to learn English?
52to changechangedchangedDo you want to ch
53to leadledledCan you lead the group up the mountain?
54to understandunderstoodunderstoodDo you understand?
55to watchwatchedwatchedDid you watch the football game, yesterday?
56to followfollowedfollowedFollow me.
57to stopstoppedstoppedPleas stop it.
58to createcreatedcreatedDid god create man, or did man create god?
59to speakspokespokenHave you spoken to John, yet?
60to readreadreadI have already read it.
61to spendspentspentHow much did you spend?
62to growgrewgrownMy son is growing up fast.
63to openopenedopenedDon't open that door.
64to walkwalkedwalkedWe walked for 5 kilometres.
65to winwonwonDid you win?
66to teachtaughttaughtI teach English.
67to offerofferedofferedWhat did they offer you?
68rememberrememberedrememberedI remember her very well.
69to considerconsideredconsideredCan you consider it?
70to appearappearedappearedHe appeared out of nowhere.
71to buyboughtboughtI want to buy a new car.
72to serveservedservedThey serve the best sushi here.
73 to diedieddiedMy cat died yesterday.
74to sandsentsentI will send you a letter.
75to buildbuiltbuiltThat building was built 100 years ago.
76to staystayedstayedCan I stay tonight?
77to fallfellfallenThe old man fell down the stairs.
78to cutcutcutI cut my finger.
79to reachreachedreachedI can't reach the top shelf.
80to killkilledkilledBatman killed the Joker.
81to raiseraisedraisedShe raised her sons by herself.
82to passpassedpassedI passed the test.
83to sellsoldsoldI sold my guitar.
84to decideddecideddecidedWhat did you decide?
85to returnreturnedreturnedWhat time did you return?
86to explainexplainedexplainedCan you explain yourself?
87to hopehopedhopedI hope you like it.
88to developdevelopeddevelopedHave you developed the photos?
89to carrycarriedcarriedI will carry your suitcase.
90to breakbrokebrokenI broke my hand yesterday.
91to receivereceivedreceivedI received a speeding fine.
92to agreeagreedagreedLet's agree to disagree.
93to supportsupportedsupportedI will support your decision.
94to hithithitDon't hit her!
95to produceproducedproducedI produce movies.
96to eatateeatenHave you already eaten?
97to covercoveredcoveredCover your mouth when you learn.
98to catchcaughtcaughtCatch the ball.
99to drawdrewdrawnMy drew me a picture.
100to choosechosechosenI chose the cheapest one.



月曜から金曜日までを weekdays、土曜、日曜日を weekend と言います。

Days of the week と weekdays は同じ意味ではないことに注意しましょう。

The days of the week (曜日)は、月曜から日曜までの7曜日のこと。
Weekdays (平日)は、月曜から金曜までの5日間のこと。
The weekend(週末) は、土曜と日曜のこと。



The working week —月曜日から金曜日の就業週

A Workday —就業日、仕事日、働く日、出勤する日
e.g. Next Monday is a public holiday, but Tuesday will be a normal workday.

e.g. Saturday and Sunday are normal workdays for policemen.

e.g. A seven-hour workday

Day off — 仕事や学校が休みの日、

Rostered days off (RDO)

オーストラリでは、消化しなければならない休暇を Rostered days off (RDO) と言います。基準労働時間の帳尻を合わせる為に、その月に多く働いた分を休みにしてもらえる制度です。有給か無給かは、契約の内容によります。

Long weekend —土曜から月曜日までの3日間が休みになる週末

The Melbourne Cupーメルボルンカップ




Do you work weekends?

How long is your workday?

What do you do on your day/s off?

Next Monday is a public holiday, so it will be a long weekend.


What is the first day of the week? 一週間の始まりは何曜日から?





Every Monday or Mondays


1 every + 曜日

2 on + 曜日 + s




I train on Mondays and Wednesdays.

My soccer game is held every Sunday.

Every Saturday I visit my grandmother.

On Fridays, I leave work early.